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     It’s now 2019.  What else can I say?  Another adventurous year figuring out when the fish will show, what numbers of fish that will show and naturally, how are we going to catch them when they are here?  With that in mind, here are the fish that I will target throughout this year:
  • Chinook Salmon (Kings)
  • Coho Salmon (Silvers)
  • Bottom Fish (mainly Ling Cod & Sea Bass)
  • Halibut (using all power operated Reels!)
    Albacore Tuna
  • Crab
     The areas fished will be the Portland area starting in the spring and then the north and central Oregon coast starting in May and lasting until December. This year’s schedule will mimic in many ways what my schedule was for 2018.  Here is what it appears will be my schedule for 2019!

Looking forward to these tasty fish species for 2019,
here is what my schedule looks like:

March & April:

Spring Chinook in the Portland area
on both the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

May &


Spring Chinook in both the Portland and Tillamook Bay areas, Bottom Fish and Halibut out of both Newport and Depot Bay. Crab out of ocean ports.


Near shore Halibut, Bottom Fish, Crab, Tuna, summer Chinook and Coho out of Tillamook Bay.


Summer Chinook and Coho out of Astoria (Buoy 10) on the Columbia River or in the ocean Through Labor Day Weekend (Based upon available quota). Crab in the Columbia River.


Crab, fall Chinook and Coho and limited Bottom Fish out of Tillamook Bay.

October & November:

Crab and fall Chinook/Coho out of
Tillamook Bay or the Nehalem River.

All info above is subject to change due to last minute water conditions, fishing regulation updates and other factors.

      Halibut fishing will start in May.  We’ve learned of great news that for 2019, the Halibut quota has increased more than 26%.  This has led to proposed all-depth Halibut fishing dates starting May 9, 10 & 11 and continuing for a total of 5 consecutive weeks on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday (May 16, 17 & 18, May 23, 24 & 25 -Memorial Day Weekend, May 30, 31 & June 1, June 6, 7 & 8).  It’s also very likely that we won’t be able to get out on all these dates due to ocean conditions and therefore some of the back-up dates of June 20, 21 & 22 and July 4, 5 & 6 will be involved.  The nearshore Halibut fishing will begin June 1 and be open seven days a week until that quota has been caught.  This will likely last until September.  I’ll mix in days of Salmon (Coho and Chinook) and Bottom Fish (Ling Cod & Sea Bass). 

      More great news for the summer Salmon and Coho season.  The numbers of expected returning hatchery Coho this year have dramatically increased and are expected to result in some great times catching these feisty fish!  I will start fishing for these when the season opens in late June out of Newport and continue out of Tillamook Bay in July and Buoy 10 (Columbia River) in August.  During much of this time I will also fish for nearshore Halibut, Bottom Fish and Tuna.  I will move to Astoria and Buoy 10 starting July 30 and fish there thru September 2.  Just remember that any reservations made after July 1 for July, August and September fishing trips will cost an additional $25 per person ($250 for Salmon, $275 for Halibut and Bottom Fish).

Chris Laue caught this 42 pound
Chinook (photos below) in August!

     Unfortunately, he wasn't in the "Big Fish" pot for the 40 pound or greater Chinook that at that time was worth more than $3500.00.  That pot will start out in May, 2019 at more than $7000.00 (for a 40+ lb Chinook or a 50+ inch Halibut).  He did however go home with a great experience of a lifetime and a fantastic amount of Salmon filets.  For 2019, this big fish pot is guaranteed to be won.  If no one catches that 40+ lb Chinook or 50+ inch Halibut, then the pot will be split between whoever caught a Chinook closest to 40 lbs and a Halibut closest to 50 inches.  So this pot will be won this year!



Everyone who adds crabbing to their fishing trip always tells that they are really glad they did.
Don't miss out on the best and freshest tasting crab you'll ever experience in your life! Visit Our Crabbing Page

I provide the entire fishing gear. For you, the thrill of “the catch”, seafood that is sought after around the WORLD and an everlasting memory. They say “any day fishing is better than any day working.”

Tillamook Bay Fall Chinook Salmon
Frank Rodriguez caught this (photo above)
 fantastic 43 pounder in Tillamook Bay.

I want to help make your day a great day!  The cost of this fun filled day trip in only:   *** Remember that for July, August and September bookings make after July 1, add $25 per person! ***

  • $225 per person (Salmon)
  • $1125, “Book the Boat” for up to 5 people for Salmon.  I won’t add a sixth person however you can always add another person for an additional $225.
  • $250 per person (Halibut or Bottom Fish)
  • $1250, “Book the Boat” for up to 5 people for Halibut or Bottom fishing.  I won’t add a sixth person however you can always add another person for an additional $250.
  • $2000 for up to 5 people (Albacore Tuna).  Sorry, no individual pricing.
  • Spring Chinook, March thru June;
  • Halibut May thru August
  • Bottom Fish April thru September
  • Tuna July thru September
  • Coho July thru September
  • Summer/Fall Chinook July thru December

Call me today before your desired dates are taken up!!! Let’s make your day a great day!!!







Barry from Jerome, ID caught this huge 31 lb Ling Cod off the coast of Oregon in May after having limited out on Halibut the day before!






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